The Best Places To Buy Fuel

Thanks to the relative strength of the pound UK tourists should end up making significant savings buying petrol on the continent this summer. Petrol is currently around 8.6 per cent cheaper than the same time last year, while diesel could be up to 10.4 per cent less, according to research conducted by Post Office Travel.

Of the 18 European countries surveyed the cheapest fuel was to be found in Andorra, the mountainous enclave between Spain and France. Unleaded petrol there costs just £1.13 per litre, in stark contrast to Norway, the most expensive European country to drive in, where unleaded petrol costs £1.67 a litre.

The UK sits mid table in terms of petrol prices, cheaper than France, Ireland, Germany and Italy, but more expensive than Spain, Austria or Luxembourg.

Just 8 per cent of motorists said high fuel prices would put them off driving in Europe, and more than a quarter said they had driven in France or Belgium, both of which were among the most expensive places to fill up.

Andrew Brown, the Post Office’s head of travel money, advised drivers to bear petrol prices in mind when planning their routes: “It’s a good idea to fill up in the UK if you’re heading to France or Belgium. Take a detour through Luxembourg if you’re heading through south eastern France, or plan a stop in Andorra en route to Spain or Portugal.”.

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