Share Schemes

Sharing in an organisation’s future and current success can provide a great incentive to achieve more. At every level of an organisation, utilising share schemes can be an important component in remuneration packages. Share schemes can provide both a reward and an incentive for improving overall organisational performance.

We offer practical guidance in providing approved share schemes that offer beneficial tax treatment to our clients. Whether our clients want to provide a share option for the future, or alternatively allocate shares directly to employees, our advisors offer the same unrivalled technical aptitude.

Before any counsel is provided we communicate with our clients. This approach helps us to better understand our clients’ requirements and enables our advisors to implement an approved share scheme that’s right for them. Regardless of which approved share scheme is used, we ensure that our clients meet all of HMRC’s legislative conditions.

As well as being fully compliant, we make sure that our clients gain the full benefit of the tax advantages that their selected share scheme offers. Whether you want to retain high calibre staff or provide a tax free bonus, we ensure that our clients receive a share scheme that ensures they continue to achieve..

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