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Innovation is the instrument of entrepreneurship. We believe that investing resources into research and development can be the distinguishing factor between being a market leader and a market follower. That’s why our specialist Tax Advisors are experts in helping our clients claim Research and Development tax relief.

As the qualifying limits for Research and Development tax relief amplify, an increasing amount of companies now meet the criteria for higher R&D relief. Yet, with this increase in eligibility has come a more sophisticated and stringent approach to claim checking by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). This arrangement has increased the likelihood of R&D tax relief claims getting challenged.

With the government’s recent changes to R&D relief creating an environment of uncertainty, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to seek professional and reliable advice, which enables them to make the most out of their situation.

Our team of specialist Tax Advisors works closely with our clients in submitting their R&D claims. Our relationship-based approach means that we ensure our clients are fully compliant with all legislation. We help our clients interpret qualification criteria and provide them with as much support as they need.

We’re experts in dealing with both SME (Small or Medium-sized Enterprise) and large company R&D relief schemes. We make sure that regardless of size, our clients have the process and procedures in place to deal with future claims.

This approach, coupled with our advisors high reputation with HMRC, reduces the prospect of further enquiries and allows our clients to concentrate on innovating..

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