The transfer of wealth through generations can sometimes be a complicated process. Inevitably, all of us have to plan for our succession at some point in our lives.

Many family businesses suffer through this period of transfer because the next generation is hesitant to saddle themselves with the future responsibility. If this is left unchecked disputes can sometimes arise because the process appears unfair and unreasonable.

Yet the assets we have accumulated throughout a lifetime of hard work should be preserved to provide future generations with a lasting legacy.

When contemplating the future of the people most important to us, it’s imperative to get it right. Our Trust Advisors work closely with their clients to ensure specific trust objectives are maintained and fulfilled. Our advisors’ exceptional aptitude means that your trust is in safe hands.

We work on the principles of impartiality and integrity, ensuring that the decisions made are in the best interests of all parties involved. We work with our clients closely and can help create or review their plans in light of a change in their business environment or legislative conditions.

In essence we assist our clients in providing lasting and durable financial structure, which ensures their wealth is protected for the future..

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Simon Kearsley

Symmetry Limited

"Clearly has the trust of HMRC, they didn't drop any passes, and made sure it all kept moving; really excellent stuff.…read more"

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