Google To Show Real Time Share Prices

As of last week, internet giant Google will be offering share prices direct from the London Stock Exchange in real time, aiming to bring about a new breed of small, personal investors.

Google Finance finalised a deal with the London Stock Exchange Group to provide this information free of charge, a service for which traders and investors had to pay a premium for, up until now.

The LSE Group said that aim of the deal was to attract more small time investors who buy and sell for their personal accounts, rather than on behalf of another company. Jarod Hillman, LSEG’s head of real time data said: “For the first time the public will have access to real time, last trade prices free of charge, allowing them to make better informed decisions on where to invest.”

The deal will strengthen another area of Google’s already massive empire. Google Finance launched in 2006 and features Global market data and business headlines..

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